Eric Felten on Loyalty

NOTE: This blog entry originally appeared in May of 2011

May 1st is a little-known federal holiday called Loyalty Day. Made official in 1958, the original purpose was for Americans to reaffirm their loyalty to the United States. But loyalty oaths have a problematic history in this country, starting with the Revolutionary War. George Washington was for them, but so was Joe McCarthy who believed you were not patriotic enough unless you took one. Loyalty is a tricky, the foundation for love and family, but also the cause of much misery and betrayal, especially when loyalties collide. Wall Street Journal columnist Eric Felten offers a meditation on the subject in his new book, Loyalty: The Vexing Virtue. And at the very end of the interview, Bob asks Felten about his sideline career, as a jazz trombonist and singer. Felten’s latest CD is called Seize the Night.

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