Carl Kasell 1934–2018

Carl Kasell
Carl Kasell

From The Washington Post: NPR broadcaster who brought gravitas and goofiness to the airwaves dies at 84

Back in 2010, shortly after Carl retired from the daily newscast, he sat down in the studio with Bob for a relaxed conversation between two friends. You can hear that program here. You can also read our blog entry written by producer Chad Campbell when the hour-long interview first aired.

And you can hear Bob Edwards reminisce about Carl with KNKX and former Bob Edwards Show producer Geoffrey Redick at the station website.

Happy New Year!

2017 was a long and confusing year, made all the worse without Bob and the gang to explain it to us. Let’s hope 2018 not only makes more sense, but brings Bob back to the microphone where he belongs!

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Frank Deford

By Bob Edwards

Frank Deford could and did write the game stories better than anyone but he also poked his nose into the many dark corners of sports. He was the champion of opportunity for all and the enemy of hypocrisy and sham. The quality of his writing kept him in demand and being in demand allows a writer to be fearless. Frank wrote about the serious and the ridiculous. He had a book about roller derby and another about Miss America, yet he also wrote a book about the hardships endured by gay tennis legend Bill Tilden and another book about his daughter Alex’s losing battle with cystic fibrosis. Frank wrote screenplays. If I’m not mistaken, he wrote a novel inspired by a painting. His novel Everybody’s All-American was made into a nice movie starring Dennis Quaid, Jessica Lange, John Goodman and, in a cameo role as a Baltimore diner counterman, Frank Deford. He won Emmys for his TV work and he was on Morning Edition a lot longer than I was. But more important than all that, he was a righteous dude and always a gentleman. I miss him already.

Listen to Bob’s 2012 conversation with Frank Deford.

Producer Chad Campbell’s comments about Frank Deford.

Happy Birthday to Bob!

I’m late in posting this, although the Facebook page was on it; but Bob celebrated his birthday on Tuesday the 16th of May! To honor that, the Nostalgic Rumblings blog posted the 2005 interview with Studs Terkel, born on the same day (but not the same year…)

There are also on that page links to Bob’s remembrances of Studs, and even a link to hear an episode of Destination: Freedom from 1948 starring Studs!